raise your hand if you’re tired and sad and wanna make out with a boy


Tour videos are coming

Tour videos are coming

Tour videos are coming 

Tour videos are coming



"yaaaaassss bitch drag that hoe !"


@joshdevinedrums Enjoying the sun with @niallhoran at the #AMAs in Los Angeles!

Lol why? Like you say that shit and then nothing? Did you need an ego boost? Did you want to know if I’d still talk to you? Do you think it’s okay to act like everything is fine. You ignored me; flat out. And I’m supposed to be your friend? Fine. I’m going to take the direct hit to my pride and let it be the way it is. And let you get away with thinking that you own some part of me but guess what? You don’t. You don’t own anything. You can take the memories, everything. I’m done. I have to be for myself. This has nothing to do with you anymore. I’m just disappointed that I made such flawed judgement in the first place. You can think whatever thoughts you want about the subject. But guess what, I’m going to force myself not to care. I don’t want to care nor do I need to.

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Harry at the Kings game in LA. (4/22)